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AHEAD Above the Rest!

Post written by: Whitney Mahler

I really enjoy working with my clients. One thing that is great about the work I am in is the interesting people I get to meet along the way. Working with Ahead Sanitation was one of those "ah this stuff is cool" kind of moments marketers get when they come across a product that is well....kind of different from the usual but really freaking cool!

Ahead Sanitation Systems located in Broussard, LA is recognized worldwide as a Premier Designer, Manufacturer, and Distributor of NEW Generation Sanitation Systems for the Marine and Recreation Industry. Their products range from sanitation tanks, to chemical pump systems, to toilets, to waste water discharge systems which are referred to as the "behind tanks."

Not only are their products cool but their team was awesome to work with. "Boo Boo" who started Ahead Sanitation is indeed very witty, and really made the design process fun. I learned all about sanitation tanks and what sets his product apart from his competition. He even shared with me some of his Cajun seasonings and cooking recipes from his very own product line called "Boo Boo's Cajun Cooking" ....which better explains why he told me "he was in the NEW and USED food business." :)

I can tell he is really proud of his brand and it was great to work with him and all of the ladies of Ahead Sanitation to get the design JUST RIGHT!

So what was it that we designed? These guys came to me to design a trifold brochure that was clean, fresh, and represented their brand. I worked with "Boo Boo" and the ladies to design this brochure in a timeframe of ONLY 3 weeks! I knew how bad they wanted new brochures for the boat show they attend every year so we made it happen!

I am looking forward to working with "Boo Boo" and his team on future projects! Check out the end result of the project:


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