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Armstrong Built

Post written by: Loren Amy

Jon Armstrong, a Baton Rouge local who began building (literally) his own contracting business, came to Webstruck Media for a logo. Jon was offering services such as carpentry, new construction, remodeling, turn-key restoration, etc., but his specialty was finish carpentry. This being one of my first design projects at WebStruck made it very exciting and I was eager to begin, especially since Jon had not yet chosen a business name, which we had the opportunity to help with!

So obviously the first step of this project was to figure out his current options for business names, as well as any design input. He provided us a great sketch he drew up himself, of a strong arm holding a hammer. At first he didn’t want to use his last name, Armstrong, as part of his business name but how could he not?? Especially with that awesome sketch he gave us that kick started the logo designing. He also wanted people to know he was local, trustworthy business owner, so incorporating some southern Louisiana detail was important as well.

After a few hours of brainstorming name ideas, we were stuck on using his last name, not only because of how it very much related to the work he did, but also alphabetically, it would be more successful for marketing. From there, we incorporated his sketch into a few ideas, strayed from it to get a different perspective, but ended up moving back towards the “strong arm” theme again. We also incorporated the “construction” theme look, trying out different styles, fonts, and objects as logo centerpieces. After a few days of name changing, idea scheming, and designing, we offered Jon a couple of different logo options. Some were more simple and modern, while others had more a more detailed, hand-made look. In the end, Jon chose the more hand-made logo theme, which ended up fitting perfectly with his style. It represented his construction based background, with a classic, rustic theme, and even included his original sketch!

Having one of my first projects at WebStruck be such a success was so inspiring! The creativity that Whitney and I equally put into the design and business name paid off, and of course is satisfying to know that Jon was able to get the logo he wanted for his growing business. We wish the best of luck to Armstrong Built, and thank them for the opportunity to help inspire their business!

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