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JW-FACES Shines on the Web

“The way it has always been done, is not the way it must always be done.”

Steve McKee

This month I had the opportunity to work with a very close friend of mine on a website she has talked about having for years. Joan called me one afternoon and said the four magic words that I just love to hear........I need a website. Now need is a big word, but she was right she needed a website for her skincare business and now was the perfect time to do it. Business was growing and clients were asking...there was no more putting it off, so I got right to work.

JW-Faces specializes in professional skincare products and services. This business is located in Lafayette and ran my Joan Walker. Joan is amazing and really knows her stuff when it comes to skincare! Joan has helped me keep my skin healthy and hydrated for years and I couldn’t be more excited to see the doors that her website will open for her.

Her clients now have the convenience of ordering products online, scheduling appointments, and staying up to date on her services and prices. She host several "peel party’s" in the area, which are a great way to get a group of gals and guys together, drink some mimosas, and save money on her services!

This project is the perfect example of what happens when a small business, which has always operated behind the scenes, gets established on the web. Which directs me back to the quote at the top....just because you have always done it that way doesn’t mean its always going to work for you. Now JW faces in online and ready to make a lasting impression on the web! I really enjoyed designing this site and I cant wait to see what the future holds for JW FACES!

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