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The American Blues Man, Kenny Neal

Music has always been incredibly cathartic for me, whether it's attending a live concert or singing in the car; I have always found it to be very freeing. Growing up in South Louisiana, I was always surrounded by the three F's..... food, family, and fun. And as music lovers know you can't really have fun until you have music. So I was excited when Kenny Neal, a Louisiana native and blues singer, reached out to me for some design work.

Kenny Neal, was born in New Orleans and was raised in Baton Rouge. As cited from his website, "he is known as a modern swamp-blues master and multi-instrumentalist, that draws musically from the sizzling sounds of his native Louisiana." How cool right! I could not wait to download some of his tracks and see what he was all about. So I drove around one Friday afternoon, sunroof open, just jammin' to Kenny’s station on Pandora. Let me tell you, if you have not listened to any of his tracks do yourself a favor and download a few. Louisiana blues does not get much better than Kenny Neal. He is an outstanding songwriting and from what I hear performer as well; I hope to catch a show of his soon.

I worked with Loren on two logo's for Kenny's record label. He had a vision of what he wanted and Loren and I took our creativity and made these come to life. As always, every project we do here at WebStruck Media is unique and we strive to put 100% into our designs. It was a pleasure to work with "The American Blues Man" Kenny Neal, and I am looking forward to someday attending one of his shows.

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