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Owners: Shawn and Abby Warren

My line of work is very interesting to say the least. When I am not on the road going from meeting to meeting, my mornings usually consist of me checking over my client's social media insights, looking through some website analytics, checking my emails to be sure I am on top of what changed overnight in the world of marketing (google facebook algorithm 2016), answering any emails, and then I am usually on to my design projects. However, before I do any of that, I throw on some workout clothes and head over to a program that has kept me healthy and feeling great for the past five years, CrossFit! So, when I got an email from the proud owners of 220 CrossFit saying they were interested in a website I could not wait to chat with them.

220 CrossFit, is a CrossFit Affiliate serving Youngsville LA, Broussard LA, and the surrounding areas. They offer programs for both adults and kids. This June, I worked with the owners Shawn and Abby Warren on a web design for their CrossFit gym. We agreed that it needed to be appealing, easy to navigate, and most importantly that it got their message out about who they are and what they have to offer to the CrossFit Community.

I have to admit that for any site I do the fun isn't just in the design process, it is also about getting to know the people behind these businesses and learning all about what they do and what drove them to where they are now.

The motto of 220 CrossFit is "We are 220 Crossfit" and after reading their story I think it speaks volumes. Both Shawn and Abby are fitness focused individuals who were inspired by CrossFit and what it did for them. They started to share their story with others [You can read it here, its amazing] and before they knew it they had a full support team behind them and 220 CrossFit was in business. Shawn and Abby now spend their days helping people reach their goals, motivating them to give every workout their all, and assuring their members that hard work really does pay off. It's inspiring to see that through times of hardship these two looked to CrossFit as an outlet, opened their arms to others who wanted in, and from that they formed a growing community.

I wish these guys the best, and if you are in and around the Youngsville area don't hesitate to go by and check them out or drop in for a WOD! Oh, and don't let their address scare you, 101 Rue Du Pain Broussard, LA.

"The pain of the process is only temporary, but the feeling of achievement lasts forever."

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