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Elements Instruments

Matthew Amy, founder of a unique instrument design company, came to WebStruck Media for a logo and possible branding package to help start up his new business. He grew up with a love and talent of playing guitar, as well as being inspired by his father who is a musician and had also helped start a instrument company as well. So no big deal, another instrument company sounds like nothing new. What happened to be so unique about this client and his product was that it’s not an ordinary musical product. The products he designs are very unique. We don't want to spill the beans on this one so you'll have to stay tuned for what we mean when we say unique. But we can tell you it all revolves around SCIENCE! Which also happens to be a big part of Matthew’s life and career, being a mechanical engineer and all. So when Matthew approached us with this unique concept, we knew creating a logo would be an interesting challenge....and we were ready to take it!

The first steps were knowing the name of his business, his product style, and logo theme preferences. Any background information was also important, like what designs inspired him as well as the extent of what his business does exactly. After getting this information from him, instant sketching began! This logo could definitely go in a couple of different directions, and it did. Matthew wanted his color theme and logo style to be inspired by art-deco designs, the times when jazz and blues music really climbed into popularity and the American culture began making bold statements in everyday design, like products, buildings, and art. Not only this, but of course there’s gotta be some science involved considering the material these products are going to be made with.

Many e-mails, critiques, and logos later, we finally put together a logo that succeeded in getting the business’ point across and our client was satisfied!

We wish the best of luck to Elements Instruments, and we want to thank them for the opportunity to help inspire their business! Look out for them on the web soon!

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